Identity Verification For Screenshots

The security framework helps to assure accountability of user actions and objects within shared Croquet environments.  In this way, IAA serves to establish the mechanism by which each client has verifiable information about the authorship of all client-created objects and other users within the Croquet environments.

This security framework will ensure that communications between peers is not easily repudiated. With these security assurances in place, the Croquet space can provide trusted relationships necessary to the enablement and support of collaborative learning and research. Members of the UM School of Engineering, for example, may be able to locate and leverage the online presence and content of colleagues within the Department of Computer Sciences at UW and securely initiate innovative cross disciplinary collaborations that might not otherwise have emerged.

These technologies also are applicable to any system in which multiple users seek authenticated access to common resources and other individuals across a distributed network.  They can also be used to the deliver an authenticated environment and interactivity between potentially un-trusted parties across such networks.  Implementations of this technology will free authenticated users from needing to use a particular node of the network and will thereby enable them to fetch elements of an environment from network infrastructures regardless of the type of device they are using (computer terminals, mobile wireless devices, etc.). In this way, the resultant technologies leverage user identity as a means of accessing information from a distributed network wherever they are.  This mechanism can be thought of as a type of network service infrastructure similar to that the old mainframe model running in a distributed mode.

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