Tips to Correctly Track Your Daily Caloric Intake

Do you find looking up calories extremely dreadful and time-consuming? I do. I have to look at labels, do the math for servings and then add them up. I find myself counting and adjusting portions and converting from the metric system for a most of my day. Besides, not all foods have nutrition labels. But […]

Unusual Sensations After Starting Dieting

So I have been good this first week, I never thought I’d manage on just 1000 calories a day, but I did. I was on target every day this week, normally a little over and once even a little under, but always well under maintenance. I’m so proud of myself. I’m going to try a […]

Making Wise Diet Choices at Bacon Fest

Today was an interesting day. I went to lunch with my daughter and chose a chicken Philly sandwich. I pulled most of the innards from the bun, left the plate half full of bread. There was cheese and grilled onion and green peppers. I ordered a salad instead of fries. I really wanted a fry, […]

Identity Verification For Screenshots

The security framework helps to assure accountability of user actions and objects within shared Croquet environments.  In this way, IAA serves to establish the mechanism by which each client has verifiable information about the authorship of all client-created objects and other users within the Croquet environments. This security framework will ensure that communications between peers […]


Thank you for visiting Croquet is being built upon the shoulders of giants. In particular, the existence and power of Squeak has allowed us to convert our respective dreams into a combined reality that exceeded all of our individual expectations. Many thanks go to the Squeak Central team for providing us both an optimal […]


We very much hope that you will join us in improving the system. Keep in mind that any code you contribute to the Croquet effort must be made available under the Croquet license terms. To help you get the most out of Croquet, we have set up a list server specifically for use by developers. […]

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