We very much hope that you will join us in improving the system. Keep in mind that any code you contribute to the Croquet effort must be made available under the Croquet license terms. To help you get the most out of Croquet, we have set up a list server specifically for use by developers. That list server is the best source of community-based support for those working with Croquet and can be accessed here.

In order to reduce the load on our servers, the Croquet SDK is being made available via BitTorrent.
Click here for more information on BitTorrent.

Important Notice:

Graphics cards and their drivers are crucial to Croquet's compatibility and performance. Be sure that your graphics card is OpenGL 1.3 or higher compliant AND that you have appropriate OpenGL hardware drivers installed. Windows users should be aware that upgrading your DirectX versions through Microsoft's web site often overwrites existing hardware OpenGL drivers with software OpenGL->DirectX wrappers (killing performance, if not compatibility). The fix is to re-install the video card manufacturer's drivers after any DirectX install procedure. Also, keep in mind that the fastest new computer/processor won't run Croquet at all with older graphics cards.

In order to run applications that use spatialized sound, you must also install OpenAL. Recent versions of Macintosh OSX include the OpenAL libraries as a standard part of the system. PC users may also find that their sound card came with an OpenAL driver as well. If you need to install OpenAL, you may download the installer for your system here.

The Croquet Public Repository

The University of Minnesota has made available a repository for publicly developed Croquet packages. This is a place where Croquet developers may put things to share with others. In order to store your own code there, you need to register as a member at the repository server and add this repository project to your Croquet image Monticello Browser repository list. Items in the repository have not been blessed for inclusion into the main distribution. Use them at your own risk! All code placed here must be made available under the Croquet license and will eventually be considered for inclusion in the main distribution. For more information see the Help here.

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