Unusual Sensations After Starting Dieting

So I have been good this first week, I never thought I’d manage on just 1000 calories a day, but I did. I was on target every day this week, normally a little over and once even a little under, but always well under maintenance. I’m so proud of myself. I’m going to try a dinner to dinner fast tomorrow, so wish me luck.

Lose Weig with Fat Diminisher SystemI want to thank all my dieting sisters for being a voice in my head yesterday. By the end of the work day yesterday I was so ravenous. I was dreading stopping to pick up supplies for dinner, I had such a case of the munchies but all of you in my head kept me out of the snack aisle. Instead, I grabbed an English cucumber and ripping off the plastic wrap and taking a big bite off the end gave me the satisfaction that a candy bar would have, for almost 0 calories.

Finally, I have been feeling the weirdest thing in my gut this week. It’s not really a hungry feeling really as it’s permanently there whether I’ve eaten or not. It’s almost similar to the how heartburn feels when it first starts gurgling, but it never gets painful or uncomfortable, and it’s a generally lower down.

So I have come to the decision that it is my belly eating itself. I read in someone’s blog that they picture Miss Pacman eating their fat, well the image I have is a little coal burning furnace, burning nice and hot. And a little army of men just mining my belly fat and shoveling it into that furnace.

All of these feelings are nice and new to me, I'm so seldom Proud of myself, never been so satisfied without any guilt and never felt my body burning Fat before, thank you, Fat Diminisher, let's hope week 2 will be just as good.

The only downside to losing weight is that all those toxins that got stored along with my fats are also being released. So trying to drink plenty of water to flush out the system.


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