Making Wise Diet Choices at Bacon Fest

Today was an interesting day. I went to lunch with my daughter and chose a chicken Philly sandwich.eating chicken wings I pulled most of the innards from the bun, left the plate half full of bread. There was cheese and grilled onion and green peppers. I ordered a salad instead of fries.

I really wanted a fry, but chose the salad instead. But I knew that later in the day a disaster was coming – Bacon Fest! It is one of the biggest fund raisers for my agency of the year, so I felt obligated to attend.

I took my son along for support. We tried a taste of several different vendor's foods. The good thing was I was able to be satisfied with just a taste of most things. I estimate I had about 800 calories.

So all totaled I still came in under maintenance today. I am going to count this as a maintenance day I am so glad that these events are not very often. But I am also grateful to Fat Diminisher System for giving me the ability to make informed decisions about food.

Yes, I tried everything, but I didn't feel the need to eat every morsel. I ate out for lunch, but mitigated some of the calories by getting rid of a lot of the bread, and choosing chicken instead of roast beef on my sandwich. I chose the salad instead of french fries.

These are all decisions that I would not have made before Fat Diminisher. We can do this ladies. We can be accountable, and make wise choices, and mitigate some of the choices that are not so wise. Go Wes Virgin!

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