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Best Activities to Lose Weight Fast by Wesley Virgin

Many people have been coming to me recently asking me what the best exercises really are.

This is a great question because the vast majority of people don’t know how to exercise in a way that will help them lose weight quickly and safely.This is information that is all tried and tested!

In this article, we will go through 3 workouts that are the best fat burning known. Once you have read this article, get implementing these exercises into your workouts as quickly as possible.


Running is one of the most underused and underrated activity for weight loss. If you are looking to burn those extra calories in the fastest possible time then running is a great option to help you do just that.

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If you are serious about losing weight then running is an absolute must!
The best way to do this is to begin running three times a week, each time for 30 minutes. Once you can do this, then you can increase the frequency and the duration to really maximize the calories you can burn.

However, if you have never run before or you don’t feel confident enough to run for 30 minutes we strongly recommend you start walking before you begin running.


While walking doesn’t burn as many calories as running it is still a high priority activity that will burn dramatically more fat than you otherwise would do.
The best way to maximize walking for fat burning is to do interval training walking. This type of walking is where you walk gently for a couple of minutes and then walk as fast as you can for one minute.

This is highly taxing and will help you burn as many calories as possible. Once you are comfortable doing 2 minutes gentle walking and 1-minute high intensity walking for 30 minutes, then it’s time to up the pace.

The best way to do this is to increase the duration of your high intensity walks to 2 minutes instead of 1. This may sound impossible, but believe me, if you keep at it you will definitely reap the rewards.


By far the most underutilized fat burning exercise in the world is the squat.

There are many reasons why people neglect the squat including looking silly, incorrect form, uneducated about its uses, etc. Believe me, there are lots of excuses, and I have used them all!
However, if you are serious about exercising for fat loss, then you should definitely incorporate the squat exercise into your exercise program.

The squat is so great because it is a compound movement that requires lots of muscles to perform the motion. When you do this, it requires more energy, and therefore you burn more calories in the form of fat.

The squat is also amazing because it helps you build more muscle and when you do this you burn even more calories in a shorter amount of time.
The best way to use the squat is to perform three sets of 10 reps once per week. Start off doing a light way and then progressively build the weight up. If you are unsure of how to correctly perform the squat, there are some really great guides online.

In fact, the video below shows you exactly how to perform the squat.

One Final Note….

Exercising alone will not help you lose weight. If you are determined to lose weight, then you must combine the exercises above with a healthy diet that is low in calories.
If you do this I guarantee you will lose more weight in a shorter period of time than you ever thought was possible. You will be able to get your dream body in no time!

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